Our Community, Our Country, Our World

Here at Leagrave, as soon as we finished our Jubilee celebrations,  we moved on to another of our exciting curriculum weeks, this one entitled ‘Our Community, Our Country, Our World’. Every child was involved in a whistlestop tour around the world as each year group completed a project on a different locality before sharing displays in the hall on Friday. Younger children focused on the school grounds and local area, describing their route to school and identifying some of the main geographical features in Luton. Year Two explored the foods of the Congo, while Year Three compared Leagrave with a small area in Cornwall. Year Four compared aspects of France with the UK, and practised their art skills with some detailed sketches of croissants. In Year Five, the children researched the effects of climate change around the world and compared Luton to Bangladesh, while Year Six completed the trip around the world by exploring Belize, producing detailed landscapes and practising their sewing skills. All of the children enjoyed the opportunity to see what others had been learning, and the week was judged a success.


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