What is Art?

Art is a way of making and communicating meaning through imagery. It allows people to express their emotions and feelings through the use of colour, shapes, line and sculpture.

Art at Leagrave follows a topic based approach where the art skills are embedded throughout themes. This enables a cross curricular approach and allows all children to express their skills in art. Learning through the creative curriculum builds resilient and open minded characters who are inspired to think imaginatively.

Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves and to explore what is possible.

Children in a class at Leagrave Primary School
Children in a class at Leagrave Primary School

Each year group has the opportunity to allow children to develop their skills in drawing, painting, printing and sculpting. This allows children of all ages and abilities to communicate and freely express their skills in Art. Children are given a wide range of materials to explore and use to create their wonderful art masterpieces.

At Leagrave, we believe that giving children every opportunity to express their creativity allows them to stimulate their imagination to become confident young artists.

Expressive arts and design is one of the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and is used to develop a child’s imagination, creativity and their ability to use media and materials. Children do this in range of ways including singing songs and making music, dancing, playing with colours, textures and design. The Early Years curriculum at Leagrave provides children with the opportunity to develop their artistic awareness through imagination and creativity. For example, children use clay to make diva lamps, they get creative through junk modelling alongside many opportunities to experiment with inspiriting media and tools.

In Key Stage one, children develop their knowledge of art through exploring various artists. For example; Year 1 focus on the line artist Bridge Riley in their topic of Paws Claws and Whiskers. They explore the use of various lines to create art. In Year 2 children research and study artists such as LS Lowry and

Carl Warner. Children learn how to tone, sketch and use watercolours to create urban landscapes.

Throughout Key Stage Two, children are provided with the opportunities to develop the key skills further. They research various artists such as Claude Monet in Year 3 and watercolour artist Ignacio Barrios in Year 6. They are taught how to create water based paintings, use drawings to create print blocks, create seascapes through oil sketching alongside developing their skill of drawing though observational sketches. Children in Key Stage 2 are also exposed to more technical vocabulary to further support their understanding of the skills used in Art and Design.

Learning journals are used in EYFS to showcase the wonderful work created by pupils and sketchbooks are used in KS1 and KS2.

Child in Lesson at Leagrave Primary School