At Leagrave Primary School we use a phonics scheme called ‘Letters and Sounds’. This Government teaching programme focuses on six phases of phonics teaching, ensuring that children have access to high quality phonics. For reading we have a wide variety of texts available to the staff and children. Within the class we follow a Guided Reading Scheme called Oxford Reading Tree, but often also use other schemes if a greater breadth of texts is needed. All of the children have individual reading books that are colour banded, according to challenge and interest. As well as this, every class has regular time in the school library, where the children can choose from a range of text types and levels.


We are always looking to improve the way that the children present their writing and follow the Penpals programme to ensure for a consistent and progressive approach to handwriting.

Groovy Grammar

At a recent parents SPaG workshop there were several requests for grammar definitions with examples of how they are used in sentences. We have produced the following guidance and hope it will help you when supporting your child at home.

Year 1 Class Work

Year 2 Class Work

Year 3 Class Work

Year 4 Class Work

Year 5 Class Work