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On this page you will find general information about Home Learning.  However, you should still visit your child’s year group page for more specific home learning tasks and information.

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Online Safety

During the school’s closure we know that many more children will be accessing the internet, or will be online, for longer and more frequently than they are usually. Indeed, we are asking children to go online and the internet for most of their learning.

It is vital that they keep safe online and as their parents and carers you play a key role in helping your child to stay safe online. You do not have to be experts in this to keep you children safe as there are many websites that offer advice to parents and carers who want to support their children with this, and also many that are aimed at children to help them keep safe and teach them what to do if they do not feel safe at any time.

The list below is not exhaustive and if you search ‘Keeping children safe online’ a vast array of sites will appear. However, these are sites that you may find helpful:

https://www.internetmatters.org/  offers age appropriate advice for parents about how to keep children safe online.


through the NSPCC offers advice for parents about talking to their children about online safety and also has a specific part about keeping children safe when, gaming.

https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ has age appropriate advice and online safety tips including:

  • 10 tips for keeping safe online
  • 10 tips for mobile phone safety and
  • 10 tips for being bullied online
  • Jessie and friends- this is aimed at 4-7 year olds

Whichever site you choose, please use it with your child, rather than them accessing it on their own. It is really important to know what your children are doing online and to have discussions, with them, about what they are doing and seeing online.

Please help your children to enjoy being on the internet, to use it wisely and to be safe.