Symbols of Faith Week

Our termly curriculum weeks, which give us a chance to build links across subjects and do some fantastic in depth learning, are always a great success. We recently held our annual ‘Symbols of Faith Week’, which yet again produced some wonderful outcomes and was enjoyed by pupils and staff alike. From the very youngest children in Nursery, to the oldest in Year 6, everyone had the opportunity to find out more about what people believe, how they worship, and what is special to them. Each Year group has been assigned a specific faith, with Year 6 focusing on scientific, rather than religious views, and so over the years, everyone has the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of a range of beliefs in addition to their regular RE lessons, linking them with Design and Technology as well as Literacy skills.  Our outcomes have included everything from stained glass windows to embroidered prayer mats, tasty samosas and even models of the solar system, all displayed outside classrooms for everyone to share. Please visit the year group pages for additional information on particular activities.

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