Remembrance Week

Year 4 enjoyed taking part in a range of activities and created excellent work as part of Remembrance week.

We began by looking at the events of WW1 and what life would have been like for the soldiers in the trenches. We learnt about a number of soldiers, such as Wilfred Owens and Siegfried Sassoon, who went on to become famous war poets, writing poetry about life at war. We created fact files about these poets and then had a go at writing our own poems in the role of a soldier using our senses.

In addition to our writing, we also worked hard on creating fantastic art pieces. We followed instructions to create poppies using internal cuts, which we then put together to make our class wreaths.  We used water colour skills to create the background and then added a cut out silhouette to represent the soldiers who took part in World War 1.

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