Faith Week in Year 6

This Faith Week, Year 6 explored  non-religious views, including Humanism. During the week the children learnt about and compared the Christian creation story and the scientific theory of the ‘Big Bang’. They discussed and debated the similarities and differences between the two ideas and considered what challenges a scientist of Christian faith might feel.

With a focus on Design and Technology, the children were asked to drill and saw wood to create their solar system


All pupils were so sensible and careful when using the equipment and we were very pleased with the outcomes! The paper mache planets and the pastel artwork were also some of the children’s favourite activities of the week.

Of course, we couldn’t explore the ‘Big Bang’ without learning about Stephen Hawking and his contributions to cosmology. The biographies that the children wrote about Hawking were superb and really show their secure understanding of the key events of his life.




We all had a wonderful week. We hope you enjoy looking at our outcomes.


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