Leagrave celebrates a vibrant and diverse school community, but lies within the top 10% of the most deprived areas nationally. There are high levels of parental and family need alongside high mobility, which can create barriers to essential learning, such as language acquisition and social and emotional development. We continuously reflect on the needs of our learners and have created a bespoke curriculum to ensure that learning is powerful, transferable and well sequenced. We want our children to have the very best start to their education, regardless of their background or any other external factors.


To respond to the needs of our learners, our curriculum resonates with children from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures, inspiring them to achieve the very best they can in today’s society. Curriculum provision at Leagrave is meaningful and diverse, promoting high aspirations, alongside a culture of high expectations. Learning opportunities promote a love of learning, curiosity and language development, relating to real life scenarios where possible. This ensures that throughout the school, skills and knowledge are taught and remembered, so that they can make links and connections between learning. Our curriculum gives all children the opportunity to become confident and successful citizens, as well as lifelong learners.

The Leagrave Curriculum Tree illustrates the purpose and intent of our curriculum. The tree displays how the school’s values are at the root of all learning, ensuring that our children have a strong moral purpose and believe in themselves, regardless of their starting points. This is followed by the trunk of the tree, which embeds the basic skills. We acknowledge that these skills are crucial to our learners, as many children arrive at Leagrave with low baselines and would not meet expectations if these gaps were not addressed early. From the root, our curriculum tree provides diversity via the many branches of opportunity: developing knowledge and understanding in different subject areas. This part of our curriculum is well planned, illustrating clear progression and building on prior skills.

Finally, to truly survive and flourish in modern day Britain, in particular our local community, our curriculum tree requires a regular supply of innovative experiences, to promote social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning. These projects are planned at appropriate times throughout the school year and designed with flexibility to increase independence, resilience and creativity as required.

We know that that with the right support, learning can be embedded at home, as well as from wider community experiences, so we ensure that parents and carers have opportunities to be fully involved in their child’s learning. Parents and other stakeholders are kept fully informed about the curriculum using newsletters, the website, parent workshops and highly successful curriculum days, where parents are invited to observe teaching and learning across the whole school.

Monitoring and evaluation is an integral part of our process to ensure children learn and remember more over time. Staff are supported with high quality training and they show commitment to the ongoing development of their own knowledge and skills. This builds a culture of lifelong learning.