At Leagrave, we use a teaching scheme called ‘Letters and Sounds’ to teach Synthetic Phonics, in order to help children learn to read and write. This is introduced in Nursery and is consolidated throughout Reception and Key Stage 1. It is expected that children will have progressed through, and completed, ‘Letters and Sounds’ by the end of Key Stage 1. Children then begin to follow the ‘No Nonsense Spelling Scheme’ in Key Stage 2.

Children in Nursery, Reception, Key Stage 1 and 2 take part in short, focused phonics sessions within their classes and small groups, working at a pace suitable to move each child on to meet their full potential.


Some pupils will undertake specific intervention programmes if they experience any difficulties with reading and spelling.

The school has a wide selection of phonic reading books which may be sent home with children in addition to their regular reading book. These are used to support children who are having difficulties with particular phonemes or digraphs.

We use a wide range of exciting resources and teaching strategies to ensure that children are engaged and interested in their phonics learning. We teach phonics as one of the strategies a successful reader and writer uses to make sense of words and to create texts, ensuring that we offer the children plenty of meaningful opportunities to apply their learning, to become keen, independent readers and to enjoy the rich literacy environment in our school and community.