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Welcome to our Leagrave Primary School Nursery information page! 

Read our introduction to find out about who you will meet and what happens when you come to nursery. 

Find out about the topics that we will be covering over the academic year, and keep in touch with our latest news. 

Children in a class at Leagrave Primary School

Nursery News

Nursery Introduction

nursery building

Welcome to our Nursery building. 

This is where you will wait with your family until it is time to come inside. The door opens at 8.30am for the morning session and 12pm for the afternoon session.

Where do I keep my belongings? 

We each have a coat peg labelled with our names where we hang up our coats and book bags. If you bring wellies to use outside, we keep these here too. 

Your grown up can come with you to hang up your coat in our cloakroom where they can see what we’ve been up to and they have their own special notice board too. 

Internal door to nursery
Carpet area of nursery

Where do I do my learning and activities? 

We love to learn through play in Early Years and you will certainly be taking part in lots of active, fun play sessions. Our learning happens in the classroom and outside in our garden too. We will be really busy every day doing a range of activities to help us to learn, grow and have fun! 

Our carpet area is where we all come together as a class to take the register, have teacher talk time, share our ideas with each other, sing and dance. We also have Phonics here every day, following the Little Wandle scheme which helps us to practise our listening skills, develop phonological awareness and oral blending skills. 

We hope you love story time as much as we do!

We love to read stories everyday. We will bring our favourite stories to read to you and you can do the same. You can borrow books from our library too.

There is a special book corner in our classroom where you can sit with friends and share stories together. We are really looking forward to all the exciting places our books will take us!

Story Area at Leagrave Primary School Nursery
Outdoor Learning at Leagrave Primary School

Our garden

We really enjoy exploring our garden. We go outside for learning everyday so it is important that we have the right clothes to wear. Try to remember your coat everyday, even if you think it might not rain as we like to be prepared. 

Home Time

When the day comes to an end, we will collect our belongings from the cloakroom, put on our coats and go home with our families. You can tell them all about your day at Nursery.
Display Board at Leagrave Primary School

Nursery Termly Curriculum Organisers