Outdoor Learning

Our recently installed eco-classroom and surrounding area was purpose-built to develop outdoor learning at Leagrave Primary School. We believe that through the quality of air, abundant natural light and comfortable acoustics, Nature’s power can be utilised to mould young minds.

There is a huge drive to encourage children to learn and play outside, and Leagrave are at the forefront of this.


The Extended Classroom

In eco sessions our children are given the opportunity to investigate the environment, observe natural habitats and continue to develop collaborative learning. We have promoted healthy eating and fitness through our own mini allotment and children now have a positive awareness of nutrition and diet. Reduce, reuse and recycle is a high profile theme and children at Leagrave understand that waste is everyone’s responsibility.

Our classroom is used for lessons and lunchtime clubs. Children feel priviledged to be nominated to be Eco Ambassadors and their aim is to help promote the eco ethos at our school. These children have entered our local ‘Veg Fest’ where they grew tomatoes, pumpkins and potatoes and were thrilled to win ‘Best Pumpkin’ in the 2016 competition.

All adults strive to provide opportunities for children to become caring, respectful young people, who can take care of themselves and our environment. We feel the experiences they gain from our eco-classroom set them on the right path.