At Leagrave Primary School, the school ethos promotes and emphasises the opportunity for all pupils to succeed when they are taught and assessed effectively.

Assessing pupils’ progress is an integral part of the teaching and learning.

An established range of assessment strategies and approaches are used by staff to identify the next steps in learning and to monitor the progress pupils are making. Teachers are experts at assessment, with assessments being effectively used to ensure that lessons are adapted to provide challenge, so that all pupils achieve.

Pupils engage regularly in self-assessment and are encouraged to reflect on their own progress, so that they can identify their strengths and how they could improve their work.

All pupils attending the school are assessed in line with statutory requirements. An early years foundation stage profile is completed at the end of the Reception year and statutory national curriculum tests are administered in Year 2 and Year 6.

A statutory Phonics Screening Check takes place in Year 1. The Multiplication Tables Check takes place in Year 4.

Assessment information supports informative and productive conversations with parents and carers at each consultation event and also through an annual pupil attainment and progress report sent to parents and carers at the end of the academic year.