Celtic Harmony Camp Visit

This week, as part of their Tribal Tales topic, Year 3 went on their school trip to a place called Celtic Harmony Camp. They had the most amazing day learning about The Stone Age. The coach trip was fun and when they got there, they were treated to some fire making by one of the adults. The children had an opportunity to see how Stone Age people would have made tools and weapons with flint. They had an exciting time building shelters from just natural equipment. In the cooking activity, the children crushed plants and herbs to add to a pot of water which would be cooked into soup.

After lunch, each class had the opportunity to go on a gathering expedition where the children were taught about what Stone Age people would have collected. As there were no vegetarians in prehistory, the children then had a great time hunting wooden animals and throwing their spears through the target holes. They even spotted a woolly mammoth.